Hacking my Tassimo

One of my favorite piece of small appliance is my Tassimo. So much so I have not used my Breville espresso maker at all since the purchase of the Tassimo. Another one of my favorite things at home are my Starbucks Reserve Mugs that I got for Christmas one year. They are the only cups I own that will get me a large enough cup of coffee or tea.

The first night I ran my Tassimo, I eagerly awaited the drink to fill the cup only to find out that the default brew size of a Tassimo doesn’t even fill my Starbucks cup half way. There was so little drinkable liquid in the cup, coupled with the fact that Tassimo was having a recall at the time, I swore there was something wrong with my brewer and I had it exchanged for another one… Only to find out that is just what it did – small cups.

In search of a larger cup of coffee, I finally stumbled upon the Nabob Breakfast Blend T-Disks. This apparently is one of the few drinks Tassimo has that comes in an XL cup and in my local stores, this is the ONLY drink that comes in an XL cup size. Unfortunately, this doesn’t solve my tea issue. I’m a more frequent tea drinker than I am coffee. Although I’ve never bought tea in a T-Disk variety (I’ve always just used the cleaning disk to generate hot water for my normal tea bag or loose leaf), a large cup of water is hard to come by.

After doing research on what the bar codes on the T-Disks all means (after, it’s the bar code that controls the brewing time, temperature and water volume), I figured out a much easier way. If you want more insight into the bar code system, click here for the Tassimo T-Disk Wiki, as well as your own bar code generator. I didn’t have too much luck with either.

So my easier of accomplishing getting a larger cup of water:

  1. I took one of the Nabob Breakfast Blend T-Disk and put it on my scanner and made a copy of the bar code. It doesn’t matter if the T-Disk is used or not, the bar code will still be in tact.
  2. Cut out the barcode to the left of the packaging on the scanned copy. So if you’re holding the disk by it’s handle and the writing is right side up, the bar code is on the left and not directly above the handle. Why? It’s easy to see why when you but the disk in the machine. This the bar code that will be scanned by the reader in the machine.
  3. I used a piece of clear tape and taped the new bar code to my cleaning disk. You’ll note that this is by no means pretty and it doesn’t need to be. As long as your tape doesn’t cover up the middle or top hole of the cleaning disk.
  4. Voila!

My cleaning disk now generate 4 cups of water versus the 2 cups it normally does and will fill my Starbucks mug to a sufficient amount to keep me happy.

Have you hacked your Tassimo? What’s your tips or tricks?

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