It happened, despite many people’s disbelief, I am married. As per my parents: “Who would ever want to marry you?”. Well, parental units, in your face. Everyone is a catch for someone I suppose, even a slob like me.

In the next few posts I will detail how I pulled it off, what we spent, what was totally worth it and what was a total waste of money and effort. Hopefully it will be somewhat inspiring for your big day.

First off, some of the key vendors and people for the event that was totally worth it:

Fantasy Jewelry Box & Berricle
This is where I got my wedding jewelry after I butchered my first engagement ring. I am clumsy and tomboyish so it’s no surprise that after a week I already ruined my first ring. I then got a set from FJB. This is still my favorite set. Despite me buying a newer set from Berricle and was going to use it for my wedding, I didn’t. So that was kind of a waste. That being said, I highly recommend both vendors if you are looking for engagement / wedding ring alternatives that are budget friendly. I have been wearing my engagement ring for over a year and it is still very sparkly and pretty to look at, albeit it does show signs of wear.

I’m wearing my set from FJB and Mark is wearing a tungsten carbide band from Berricle.

Hanamo Florist
These guys are in downtown Vancouver on Melville besides Burrard station. I don’t deal with florists often and was totally behind the 8 ball when it came to my wedding flowers. After rushing out the day before the wedding and realizing everything was closed I found Hanamo by fluke 40 min before they closed as well.
The girl was very friendly and put down everything she was working on at the time and made a fantastic bouquet with the limited stock she had left on a Saturday afternoon. You can see the bouquet in the picture above. I don’t even know what the purple and green things were but it works!

Approximately $90 and 20 min later, I waltzed out of there with their entire stock of purple hydrangeas, my bouquet and Mark’s boutonnière (I learned that word that day too).
The flowers were on the expensive side in my opinion but I can’t really argue with the only florist that’s open day before the wedding. Plus the girl was so helpful I gladly paid it.

Tips and advise on flowers: don’t leave it till last minute like I did. However, if you do, check to see if they have old stock. Because my wedding was next day and I didn’t need the flowers to last a week ins fridge, I was able to get some older stock for a fraction of the price. The purple hydrangeas were normally $7 a piece that I got for $2.

Millennium Tent Rentals
Believe it or not, these guys are the only party rental people in town that I found with white fold up chairs that didn’t cost an arm and a leg. While other party rental places had white fold up chairs, they were too fancy/pricey for me. Millennium were the only people with simple white chairs at $2 a piece. Although, these are the same types of chairs that other places have for $1.30 each in black… the other places just simply don’t carry the same style of chairs in black. Cus you know, weddings are usually in black… who understands their thought process.

Millennium I think is a rather small operation on the scale of things and somewhat poorly organized. After reserving my chairs the day before I showed up to a warehouse without any of the stuff. We then had to drive out to essentially a farm plot to a “warehouse” to pick up our items.

The upside of all of this? The girl named Amanda at the office was EXCEPTIONALLY helpful. I mean exceptionally. She drop with us on a Friday afternoon, through rush hour, on the Knight Street bridge to Richmond to pickup the items. Unheard of!! Without her help, everything would’ve came to a halt. So thank you Amanda!

Wedding Commissioner
Our wedding commissioner was awesome. We got our commissioner by referral after the first lady I contacted wasn’t avail on the day. We communicated only through email before the date and was a little weary as to how the day will run or what her personality was like. What we got was a 4 foot nothing chubby blonde lady who reminded you of Mrs. Clause. She was nothing but smiles and super casual to work with. She prepared a beautiful ceremony and the whole thing ran smooth as butter. If you need a wedding commissioner, see if Dianna Smith is available for you.

Well, that’s it for now folks! Our goal was $1,000. Although I think we easily doubled our budget, it was still somewhat modest for a 40 people wedding. There will be a few more posts to follow as I provide more details of my spending on this particular event.

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